How to Gain and Retain Clients – Bernie De Souza


Date: Thursday 28th June 2012
Time: 1:30pm-4:00pm 
Venue: Hull Incorporated Law Society
Kings Building
South Church Side
HU1 1RR    

Course Outline:-“Potential new clients assume all solicitors have knowledge, qualifications, and understandthe law. If you attend this CPD training on how to gain and retain clients then you will discover the exact words and phrase to create this instant rapport needed to secure clients quickly. Plus, you will learn the right words for each of the four different client personalities. This will increase the level of trust and communication throughout the client relationship. 

And yes, these same skills can be used to keep your existing clients.

Finally, you will be shown the secret of cross selling more effectively to maximise the full potential of every client so they come to you for all their legal work. Remember, if a client goes to another supplier for even one other service you offer, there is always a temptation for them to leave!”Speaker: Bernie DeSouza

So what makes Bernie De Souza special?
A flair for presentation and the ability to motivate people in an entertaining, thought-provoking way, helping them focus on the important things in life to deliver the keys to success and unlock potential.

Bernie has enjoyed a successful seven–year career in the Royal Air Force as a physical training instructor and sports coach. Working with Olympic gold medallists such as Linford Christie and Daley Thompson led to a thirst to discover why people with differing characteristics became winners in sport. Bernie went on to qualify as an accredited personality and profiling expert in human behaviour after receiving personal tuition by leading authority Dr Robert Rohm in the early 1990s.Bernie is a worldwide keynote speaker who has addressed packed national arenas around the world – even speaking to more than 90,000 people at an event in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 and businesses of all shapes and sizes crave his high quality executive coaching while sport teams have also benefited from Bernie’s advice.The West Indies and Pakistan cricket teams were flagging until they met him. The England women’s cricket team achieved unprecedented success with Bernie on the team. Other sporting heroes, including Olympians, have achieved greatness after working with Bernie DeSouza.       

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